Updated: May 30

Hopefully you’re refining your eating patterns, food combining, and general awareness around nourishing your body. To access to this week’s materials: click below.

Next we’re turning back to a super nourishing practice: daily self-massage.

This Habit will be different to each of us. I believe, we as a Western Culture, are not as in tune with our bodies as the Eastern Cultures. If we are lucky enough to have been held, touched, breastfed and cuddled, we have been given the gift of love through touch. Touch is the very essence of feeling and healing. Our hands have the ability to generate comfort, love and awareness. Have you ever just given a light touch to a baby, child, friend, spouse or elderly and settled or comforted them? Our hands generate and deliver energy.

Explore this habit and create a practice to heal and nourish your body, mind and soul.

You may want to get a few supplies this week:

  • a 4-8 oz. squirt bottle

  • organic, cold pressed oil

  • optional: your favorite essential oils

Wait until after our call to buy anything - as you’ll get more clued into what will be best for you during our call.

We will go over the different oils for each Dosha and some essential oils that will be beneficial for your practice.

I do my massage every morning at shower time and some nights when I need a calming foot massage to relax and unwind before bed.


  • Read the section on Self-Massage Practice in (Master Habits Ebook:

  • Designate a time and place to do Self-Massage every day for a week. Just for a minute. Dry Brushing counts. Using your hands without oil counts. Foot massage counts. It all counts. Just do it ... tuning into the healing power in your hands.

  • ReDo The Identity Evolving Worksheet.

  • I want you to see what has changed over the past month since the first time you took out this worksheet. Journal about it. (Better Habits Guide PDF)

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