Prep Thoughts Prior to Guidelines A & Worksheets

We are not encouraged to be mindful of the breath. We take for granted that the body will just follow the breath. Do we take notice that the body needs the breath to be full and deep to corrordinte muscle movement and blood flow? Are we too busy to recognize the connection?

We will go into some practices this week that will transform your breath body practice to a new level.

Before you go to the worksheets and videos, sit for a minute and think about the last workout you did, walk you took, bike ride or even a yoga practice where you actually thought of the breath guiding your stride, stretch or pedal? As we become more aware if this and integrate it into our daily practice you will see yourself elevate to new levels of strength and health. I was lucking enough to have practice under Baron Baptise and Rodney Yee years ago. They taught me the power of breath. It took my levels of both calm and strength to a higher atmosphere. One I never knew I could achieve. I ran stronger races, lasted longer in hot yoga Boot Camps and rode for miles on end without tiring.

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