Know Your What & Why

Updated: Apr 24

During our Orientation call we will be doing a few short worksheets. You have the option of printing them off or just following along while we are together. I suggest printing them off and looking at them periodically.

Know Your What and Why: From resource book “Body Thrive” Know Your What First, you need to get crystal clear on what you want. Be particular about your energy, your weight, your flexibility, your strength, or how your body ages. There is so much you can intentionally design. We all want to thrive. We all want to experience the bliss of our biochemistry. Check any that apply.

  • Consistent energy

  • Better sleep

  • A toned, flexible body

  • To wake rested, refreshed, clear-headed

  • Smooth digestion

  • Easy elimination

  • To move easily

  • Upbeat, relaxed emotions

  • A more organized household

  • Healthy, fast meal preparation

  • Less stress, anxiety or depression

  • To age gracefully

  • Healthy cravings

  • More time

Circle what you want the most from what you checked above. This is your potential, and this course and workbooks will get you on track to experiencing exactly the kind of integrated health you can achieve. When you are thriving you will also experience:

  • A robust immune system

  • Heartfelt, intimate relationships

  • A clear purpose to your life

  • An open and expansive perspective

  • Fired-up dreams that you stretch for

  • Getting body-smarter as you grow older

  • Reinforcement that you are an inspiration and a help to others

  • That your speech reflects your depth, your care, and connectivity

Circle any of those results you want. Get clear on exactly what you want. Unless you know your what, you’ll miss the mark. Now, get even more clear about what you want in these three ways:

  1. Specific and Measurable — What you want needs to be specific and measurable. If it’s a feeling, like less stress, you need to quantify it. Take a moment and get clear what this outcome will actually look like in real time. Less stress may turn into not working after dinner, bed by 10 p.m., training a housekeeper, setting an alarm for morning meditation, cutting work back to a predetermined 40 hours a week.

  2. Reality Check — Are you sure, with certainty, that you want that outcome? Do you need to tweak it? Remember, design with the end in mind.

  3. Timeline — Put it on the clock. Your what has to be time-bound to a when. When is your desired completion date? Reverse engineer your future self.

Know Your Why Now that you know your what, what is your why? Why do you want to Optimize your Life?? Your why needs to be laser sharp, one-pointed, what the yogis term ekagrata. Take a moment before proceeding. What is your why behind your desire for Optimize? Right that down. If my what is: I want to lose 12 pounds in 10 weeks, my why is so that I have more energy for my kids, so that my clothes fit better, and so that it’s easier to work out. If I want more sleep. My “Why” may be to be a better, more patient parent in the morning or to gain more mental clarity for my work day. Get clear on your why and it will serve as rocket fuel to move you through resistance. Resistance is the momentum of our outdated patterns. Resistance can arise at any time in this process to pull you back to the starting line. Get clear on your why and you have a rocket in your pocket. Trust your why. Don’t let the part of you that puts a kibosh on your potential get any face time here. Receive your intention like you would a gift from a wise elder who is looking out for you. Next we will create our Anchor Statements to help us with our Habit Evolution journey! Our Hero's Journey :)

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