Winter - Spring Kapha Transition

Updated: May 30

Ayurveda teaches the importance of Seasonal Junctures. We are currently in Winter / Kapha transition for the last month right into Spring/ Kapha. These major Seasonal transitions can effect the body in so many ways. It especially targets our mind, digestion & our skin.

The Winter begins with a Vata, dry, fast moving cold & ends with a moist, slow stagnant cold. Our bodies need more proteins & healthy fats & rest to restore. Our moods can get down & dull with the short dark days. This dullness can effect our digestions if we are not eating the way the body is needing. Our skin can become dry, flaky, itchy & develop rashes. Our complexions can appear dull & drab.

There are many Ayurveda practices that teach us how to balance out these changes to the physical, emotional & mental body.

Let's dive fast & deep into a few topics that are affecting us in this Juncture of Kapha Season. Learning how to gracefully move through the transition of the Seasons is so important!

We can Shed the heavy, dull, slow Winter & move into the light, energizing brightness of Spring!

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