Habit 3 Start The Day Right

Updated: May 30

Below are a few exercises and readings to help you understand the sequence and importance of the sequence.

Try to wake up a few minutes earlier each day, if you do not already rise before dawn. Your goal will be to eventually rising without an alarm prior to the rise of the Sun and the Earths new energy. It is the most amazing time of day! This is Vata time. Air and Either. Energy is rising, moving in all directions, waking up the stillness from the night sleep.

Wake up

Scape AMA from our tongue/ brush teeth



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  • Read the section on Start the Day Right in Master Habits Ebook: PDF

  • If there are any weak links in your Checklist to Start the Day Right… instigate a new habit as needed.

  • Fill in your Intuition + Strategies Worksheets from Start the Day Right in Master Habits Ebook: PDF

  • Fill in the Identity Evolution Worksheets in the Better Habits Guide: PDF

Be sure to post your “aha’s”, breakthroughs and obstacles in our private discussion group. And check out what we’re talking about today.

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