Habit 8 Guidelines For Healthier Eating

Updated: May 30

HEG's are the Ayurveda Rule Book for a Healthy Long Life


Read the section on Healthier Eating Guidelines in (Master Habits Ebook: PDF) pigs 53-59


Do the worksheets: How am I Nourished Worksheet; Strategies Worksheets 1+2, Intuitive Worksheet.

Report on the forum 1 Kaizen move for Healthier Eating Guidelines you can stick to right now.

Take a moment to look back on what has shifted since we began almost 2 months ago.This week we refine our eating habits. Ayurveda has some specifics on eating habits that make a world of difference over time. Meal spacing is a game changer. Learn all about it in the video of the week.

When I first started learning Ayurveda and the Food Guides I was overwhelmed with what I was supposed to be doing and what I was actually doing! I had some idea of the really obvious things that I was doing and no idea about the other guidelines I was not aware of. But I was taught right form the start to take all of these rules and guidelines slowly and my most important first. Where was I right now and what would serve me the most at this moment. This is where Kaizen can serve us...Slow, incremental steps to gain better results, faster.

  • Eat during the day light hours

  • Eat only two to three times per day, when. hungry, not bored, tired or emotional

  • Meal spacing, eat at the same times each day and drink only water between meals

  • Eat only when you are hungry and drink only when you are thirsty

  • Eat largest meal in the afternoon

  • Eat Fresh, not leftovers

  • Pause in Gratitude and receptivity for your food and those who made it

  • Do not eat at night when your digestion is low

  • Relax after eating, then walk for 15mins if possible

  • Steer towards high density foods

  • Eat a lighter evening meal to have time before bed to digest

  • allow 13 hours of fast time overnight before breakfast

  • Eat just enough, not too much or too little (1/3 rule)

  • Eat during daylight hours

  • Incorporate the 6 tastes

  • Follow Ayurveda Food Combining Rules

  • Learn the best diet for your Dosha

  • Eat in your Eco System when possible

  • Eat more plants. Add more diversity

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