Habit 5 Plant Based Diet

Updated: May 30

Explore the plant world around you and your ecosystem. Get familiar with what is growing outside in your environment. Start to challenge your taste buds and incorporate more a diversity into your diet.

These practices aren’t to add more to your plate. They are not meant to put you in overwhelm. They are to get in touch with the reality of your real needs. Your need for:

  • Rest

  • Nourishment

  • Movement

  • Breathe

  • Peace

  • hands-on healing

This week, we will focus on our relationship with plants. We’ll dive deep into the relationship between our internal body ecosystem, and the ecosystem that feeds our body.

I love teaching this habit in particular because it is my Wheelhouse. I love the plant world and have become so in grossed in the nutritional and healing properties it has to offer.

The plant world adds a level of intelligence to our bodies. Each and every cell of the body will recognize plant matter as real food to use to build our 7 Dhatus or levels of tissue.

Watch the webinar -- Plant-Based Diet and get ready to make even better friends with plants. =================================== Member Area: =================================== http://yogahealer-courses.com/.../bt-habits/lesson/habit-5/

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  • Read the section on Plant-Based Diet in Master Habits Ebook: PDF

  • Fill in your Species I Eat List in Master Habits Ebook: PDF

  • I made you gals some Resistance Worksheets: PDF based on the exercises I was describing in this lesson. Have fun with them!

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