Habit 4 Breath Body Practice

Updated: May 30

Discover your inner being with the Breath Body connection.

Here are the links for this week practices. Try to incorporate breath work with your body practices.

Take into account your constitution.

Vata- Breath work and Yoga flow. (If you are feeling overwhelmed, over stimulated or anxious.) Walking, hiking, and swimming for cardio without hard pounding on joints

Pitta- Swimming, Hiking, Weights, Yoga with mindfulness practice all done out of the heat of the day

Kapha- Energizing practices. Getting stagnant energy going up and out. Alternate interval training and cardio. Non-negotiable AM practice. Get the body breath connection moving. Wake before sun and get body going during Kapha time of the morning 6-10 am

Live Call Breath Body Practice with Debbie:


Dr. Visant Lad Pranayama YouTube:

Watch this YouTube and just sit and resonate with it. He is so humble and loving.



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