Dr. Visant Lad

From Dr. Vasant Lad on Constitution (Prakruti) and nature of imbalance (vikruti):

“Understanding Prakriti and Vikruti paradigm allows to become fluent in the language of our own body and understand the origin of cravings. When the Vikruti imbalance is present, a person is more like to experience unhealthy cravings. Suppose a person has an excess of Kapha in the system and toxins are accumulated in the body. Over time accumulated Kapha will influence a person's nervous system and intelligence. As a result, a person with a Kapha imbalance who experiences weight gain, frequent colds, congestion, and cough will crave for ice cream, cheese, or yogurt. This craving is unhealthy and will lead only to more imbalance. Knowing you inborn constitution (Prakriti) and understanding your present state (Vikruti) will allow you to discriminate between healthy and unhealthy cravings. Our body knows how to create a perfect balance but we need to learn body’s language first to understand it.” - Dr. Vasant Lad

Cheers to the next layer of the onion of self-discovery!

To read a bit more on Dr. Visant Lad, check out this link below!


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