Closure and Feedback!

This will be our last call of our 12 weeks.

It has been such a moving experience for me to work with all of you on a collaborative platform. You have made huge steps in changing some of the biggest topics of issue for yourselves. I’m excited (and a wee bit nervous) that our Feedback + Closure Session is fast approaching. Our session is 60 minutes. The first 30 will be for Feedback, the second half is for Closure. I have two fun activities planned - so don’t miss it!

Receiving feedback well is linked to growth mindset and a life learner path. We all want to get better at receiving feedback. I appreciate you taking the time to practice with me at our sessions. “The Optimize Life program is better today because of having a system to receive and implement feedback. it is a dynamic, community. This is a two-way street. We listen. We evaluate. We implement. Thanks for being part of the process. I hope it helps you speak from your heart . I also hope my coaching inspires you to ask and receive feedback in your life!” I have a closure feedback form for myself and one for my Body Thrive/Yoga Health Coaching program,that I wish for you to fill out for me. The Yoga Health form will help me to continue to use the material I have offered you to login to. If you found it and my coaching of it useful and even helpful, please fill out the form and submit it back.

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