Breath Body Practice

In our culture today many people often push themselves non-stop. There is so much going on, so much to choose from and a common complaint is, “I want more energy or more time in the day.” So many are plagued with frailty, autoimmune issues, and feel that they have worn themselves out at a young age. This practice of opening your breath body each morning before eating, to allow your breath to be your first meal of the day can have such a profound effect. In a short amount of time if you really focus on this habit you can change your whole demeanor. The frailty can be ousted like a unwanted guest. You can become much more vital, more alive and well, more than you might have thought possible. As we continued to work together she would say of her morning breath and movement practice, “This has become my lifeblood.” This statement couldn’t be more true. In Ayurveda the oxygen in our blood is called “Jivana.” It means life-giving. It’s the fuel behind our goals and intentions. The “Body Breath Practice” habit for you might start with a few conscious deep breaths. Or it might start as a walk around the block. Perhaps it is stepping on your yoga mat before having your black tea, using the cue to starting moving and breathing intentionally. The tea becomes your reward. The importance is to build in-body-full-ness as a practice into your daily routine. At this point in your journey you’ll be asked to breathe open your channels before breakfast. You’ll be asked to establish a new baseline of movement before the day can get away from you.

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