Assignments & Videos

Ladies, I will be teaching a little this week on video so we can listen to Maria's information. I will post the videos here on FB. We will then get into some coaching and one on one laser coaching. Should be fun!!

Assignment: Read the section on Sense Organ Self-Care in (Master Habits Ebook: PDF) Do the worksheets: My Tongue Analysis Chart + the blank Tongue Charts. Report on the forum 1 Kaizen move for Sense Organ Care you can stick to right now. Over stimulation of our senses has become the norm in our modern life. We tend more to listen too much, eat too much, look at too many devices and have extremes to our bodies. Do you remember when you went to that concert and the next day your ears where still ringing? When you got such a sunburn it peeled your skin? When you were looking at your computer or phone for so long that you got a headache? This happens time after time and we become over stimulated and our senses become unbalanced and even damaged. You can care for your senses each and every day to help keep the whole body calm and healthy. Let's see how we do this

Take a few minutes to recall when you last took into consideration the effects of too many sights, noises, smells, heat or cold on your skin and too many tastes on the tongue. Just think

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