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Our last session of the 10 habits is Easeful Living. This habit is about first noticing when we’re pushing against the flow of life. Once we notice, we’re able to stop the stress response, and build this very subtle habit of easeful living. It’s moment by moment alignment, and we start to get the hang of it at deeper levels of intrinsic support! As a society we are all "Wired and Tired". This has become our normal daily way. We are over scheduled, over stimulated and over worked. We don't take time to notice what is getting us out of balance and what could bring us into a slower easeful way to live our days. Stress breaks down the whole body, cell by cell and system by system. We need to begin to incorporate a new "Normal" One that is a balance of work, play and rest. Let's get tp work and dig deep into our own lives and how we are spending our time.

Assignment: *Read the section on Easeful Living – Master Habit Ebook: PDF *Fill in all of the worksheets. *Print an extra copy of your Better Habits Guide (page 79 of your Master Habit Ebook) *What is Your Trigger/Reward Worksheet *Fill in What is Your Trigger/Reward Worksheet for Habit 10 – Easeful Living *Report on the forum what is happening with your emerging identity and orientation to life.

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