"Optimize Life" Course

This course is right for you if you:

*Need more energy

*Better sleep

*Clear focused mind

*Have joint pain and stiffness

*Digestive issues

*Want better relationships at home and work

*Want to lose or gain weight

*Age more gracefully

*Gain body integrity

*Build a strong Immune System

*Like working with like minded Dynamic Groups


What the "Optimize Life" Course offers:

~10 Habits of Ayurveda tailored for each season

~Supportive and Dynamic Community

~Weekly Group Coaching online

~Individual Coaching (1:1) 1 per session

~Weekly lessons, videos and worksheets

~Accountability and Tracking Systems

~Habit Automation

~Resource Hub

~Skills and Strategies that you can learn for a lifetime

~Access to Online Yoga Trainings and Meditations

~Recipes and Resources to Help you Optimize!


It takes time to make real changes and truly embrace new habits into your life. Based on the latest thinking in behavioral science, the 10 habits of the "Optimize Life" program is structured to deepen your knowledge and Habit Evolution.